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Concrete Cutting Saws

Next Generation Cutting Tools

Concrete cutting tools that perform a cut above the rest while reducing workplace hazards and mess.

Cutting Equipment

Including concrete cutting saw tools, wet vacuums, and combined vacuum generators — our comprehensive line of cutting equipment reduces workplace hazards and mess, elevating safety and maximizing productivity. Read more about our concrete saws and cutting equipment here.

Dewatering Products

Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and eco-friendly, our trio of easy-to-use dewatering products transform slurry wastewater into a solid gel for safe, legal, and convenient disposal. Explore our solidification agents, acid replacements and concrete wastewater solutions here.

See the Difference

Watch our no slurry, no dust, no mess concrete cutting saw in action!

Benefits of Our Concrete Cutting Saws:

From the first cut through to final disposal, our concrete cutting saws for cutting – concrete slabs, brickwork, and masonry elevates staff and site safety — while dramatically reducing clean-up and disposal time.


Dust Minimisation

Cutting concrete inevitably leads to the creation of airborne silica quartz dust — a hazardous compound that, when inhaled, can lead to fatal silicosis and cancers.

Not only do our saw and wet vacuum products eliminate and store dangerous concrete particles — but they also provide dust-free working conditions with a minimum of post-project clean-up.


Waste Water Management

By drawing wastewater into a substantial 90-litre reservoir, the wet vacuum allows you to effortlessly treat the slurry with our three dewatering products.

Separating clean water from the concrete residue, solidifying the sludge into a landfill-acceptable gel, and providing acid-replacement to clean tools and working areas — these convenient solutions save time, heighten worker wellbeing, and reduce transport and disposal costs.


Australian Owned & Operated Business

As a home-grown family business built on 20 years of experience in construction — we offer Australian solutions to Australian trade contractors.

Proudly delivering Australian-made cutting tools and dewatering products, we provide a personalised and efficient service with little-to-no lead time. Working with you, we ensure a tailored and bespoke approach to your particular project requirements.


Slurry Control

While water functions as an efficient coolant and dust suppressant — excessive and unaddressed volumes of slurry can lead to blade blockage and a high-risk working site location.

By drawing 99 per cent of slurry away from the cutter and your operational area, your saw remains fully efficient, walls and floors are water-free, and there’s no risk of silica-laden H20 being atomised into the air.


Meet WHS Standards and requirements

Our concrete cutting range observes the three key principles of WHS legislation — ensuring the safety of employees, shielding the general public, and removing workplace hazards at the source.

Furthermore, our tools and products exceed Australian silica limits and EU5 carbon monoxide exposure in confined spaces — meaning you and your staff enjoy the ultimate in health protection while at work.


Mobile Service - We Come To You!

Nothing can surpass witnessing a tool in action before purchase. That’s why at CCS we offer a mobile service — allowing you to see our demo concrete saw, wet vacuum, combined vacuum and generator, and dewatering products up close and personal.

Furthermore, by providing an on-site visit to suit you — expensive downtime is minimized, keeping you and your staff working to maximise productivity and save costs.

Want To See It In Action At Your Job Site?

How Do Our Concrete Saws Work?

It’s a complete cutting and waste management system — eliminating mess and removing hazardous materials.

As the 15-inch cutting edge of the Guarda Edge Power penetrates the target surface — water is delivered onto the centre of the blade, absorbing dust and keeping the contact area cool. The resulting slurry and exhaust fumes are drawn away by the wet vacuum — with wastewater and solid deposits stored in the 90-litre reservoir, and the fumes separated and vented outdoors.

No Mess. No Dust. No Fuss. 

Applications and Uses

If you channel, cut, or demolish concrete, masonry, and brickwork — then our risk and mess-eliminating cutting system is suitable for you.

Our versatile vacuum and generator kits are ideal for both small-scale and large civil works applications. Although not an exhaustive list, our power tool range is can be utilized for:


  • Stone cutting.
  • Brick cutting.
  • Floor cutting.
  • Masonry cutting.
  • Limestone cutting.
  • Wall chasing.
  • Slab cutting.
  • Sandstone cutting.
  • Tile cutting.

Benefits of the Guarda Concrete Saw System

From cutting through to waste disposal — our concrete cutting tools and products save you time and money, while shielding you from dangerous contaminants.

Our masonry sawing system provides the advantages of:

  • No dust
  • No carbon monoxide
  • No slurry clean-up
  • No fumes
    No electric shock risks
  • No wastewater contamination
  • Slurry management
  • Complete cutting, vacuum, and generator systems
  • Durable and reliable
  • Eliminates silicosis risk — respirable crystalline silica (RCS) is present in all types of stone/masonry
  • Portable
  • On-site demonstrations

Why Choose Cleaner Cutting Systems?

Concrete Cutting Tools

Family-Owned and Run

Neither owned by a large conglomerate, nor operating under a franchise umbrella — our family-founded and operated business puts you first.

We understand that many brands are faceless and provide insufficient and ineffective service. At Cleaner Cutting Systems, we strive to be different.

From your initial consultation through to hands-on continuing support — our focus is ensuring that you have the correct tools and products required by the demands of your trade or project.

Learn more about Cleaner Concrete Systems


20+ Years in Business

The success of Cleaner Cutting Systems is built on over 20 years of know-how in residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction spaces.

Our knowledge, gained from hands-on practical experience, allows us to give genuine and pragmatic advice for your particular concrete cutting needs. We truly understand the challenges, both legislative and work-related, associated with masonry and demolition projects — meaning we can provide the hardware to allow you to complete your work time-efficiently and safely.


No Dust, No Slurry, No Mess

There are many creditable concrete cutting tools on the market — but none that offer our No Dust, No Slurry, No Mess guarantee.

Removing 100 per cent of hazardous fumes, and 99 per cent of slurry and dust waste, your operating area remains free of airborne and waterborne contaminants — keeping you and your staff safe. And, as there are no post-project clean-up requirements — expensive downtime is slashed, lowering your operating expenses.

Our Process

We consider our bond with our clients to be a partnership, working with you every step of the way.Always ready to help — and with an immense passion for discussing safe and mess-free work practices — we actively welcome informal chats about our concrete cutting tools and products.

Furthermore, there’s nothing that we enjoy more than visiting your premises or current site to explore your requirements, advise on the ideal solutions, and provide a real-time demo of our machines.And, should you opt for our concrete cutting systems — we are there for the long-term.

Offering friendly and knowledgeable post-purchase service, inherent to our family-owned business, we provide guidance on operation and maintenance of our tools, counsel in safe working practices, and give troubleshooting assistance as and when required.Our focus is to keep you and your team working — in a hazard-free environment.

Contact Us to Discuss the Uses and Advantages of Our Concrete Cutting System

On-Site Concrete Cutting System Demonstrations

At Cleaner Cuttings Systems, we understand that time is money.

Extended periods away from site touring showrooms and retail outlets for power tools isn’t cost-efficient — nor does it give you the opportunity to observe your prospective new equipment in action.

That’s why we are proud to offer our mobile tool service across all of Sydney’s 658 suburbs.

We also service Greater Sydney, NSW and ACT.

By visiting your premises or current worksite, we can advise on the ideal concrete or masonry cutting products for your operation type and project requirements. What’s more, we’ll demonstrate our extensive tool range in action — saving you valuable downtime.

Guarda Concrete Cutting Tools

Dedicated to our vision of delivering reliable yet safe power tools, we searched the globe for the ultimate concrete-cutting machines — finding the solution close to home.

We provide tools from the respected Perth-based Guarda Systems — a name synonymous with durability and hazard mitigation:
Guarda Edge Power Cutter — EdgeSaw that removes slurry, dust, and fumes while you cut.
Guarda FTR095 Power Cutter — quick-cut demolition saw, Available with optional fume tube (fume extraction).
Guarda Vacuum Generator — all-in-one vac and generator.
Guarda Wet Vacuum — draws away hazards, storing slurry and venting fumes.
Guarda EdgeSaw and Vacuum Kit — saw and waste vacuuming system available in either petrol or electric options.

Who Are Our Concrete Cutting Systems For?

Our concrete cutting systems are ideal for any contractor who has to cut, saw, or demolish masonry, brickwork, and concrete in the course of their trade — and wishes to minimise inherent wellbeing risks associated with cutting stone/concrete.

Our satisfied customers include workers in the following niches:


Residential Trades

  • Plumbers
  • Builders
  • Concreters
  • Tilers
  • Demolition operatives
  • Bricklayers
  • Masons
  • Kitchen fitters
  • Concrete fence post installers
  • Basement convertors
  • Floor, patio, and drive layers

Civil Construction

  • Roadworkers
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Quarry operatives
Cutting Tool Sets
Civil Construction Tools

Areas We Service

If you’re in Sydney — we have you covered.

We also cover Greater Sydney, NSW and ACT.

Our service extends across all of the city’s 658 suburbs, permitting us to visit you on-site to discuss and advise on your requirements — while also enabling live demonstrations of our concrete cutting and wastewater management products.


How Long Does Silica Dust Stay in the Air?

This is dependent upon particle volume and mass, and the operating location. Wind, atmospheric humidity, and whether the working area is well-ventilated can all affect airborne time.

In some circumstances, silica dust can remain in the air for a few days — creating a hazardous working environment for an extended period after the cutting or demolition work has ceased.

What Are the Silica Dust Hazards?

Research indicates that exposure to silica dust — created when sawing, chasing or cutting concrete — can induce numerous health risks, including:


Will the Guarda System Save Me Time and Money?

Yes. As mess is reduced by extracting wastewater, your post-project cleaning downtime is minimized — permitting you to work more efficiently. Furthermore, since our system removes the headache of waiting for dust to settle — you can just keep on cutting.

And, removing the hazardous risks of silica dust and carbon monoxide fumes — your workers and clients will appreciate best practice being instilled into your projects.

Is Guarda Better Than Stihl and Husqvarna Saws?

Without question, the esteemed brands of Husqvarna, Stihl, Makita, and Milwaukee manufacture effective and robust concrete saws — worthy of the trade contractor.

Yet, as these machines cannot extract dust, fumes, and slurry while you work — they lack the no-mess, no-hazard characteristics of the Guarda system. Hence, they are still costing you money each time you use them

How Many People Suffer From Silicosis Each Year?

A study in the US indicates that up to 7300 people per year are diagnosed with occupational silicosis.

Where Can I Find a Concrete Saw for Sale?

Check out our range of dust, slurry, and fume-free concrete cutting systems — and get in touch to witness our tools in action on your site.

What Building Materials Contain Silica?

Used widely in the construction industry, numerous site materials contain silica quartz, including:

  • Bricks.
  • Concrete.
  • Cement.
  • Mortar.
  • Slate.
  • Tiles.
  • Granite.
  • Sandstone.

When cut, channelled or demolished, these materials can release harmful silica dust into the atmosphere. Using our concrete saw cutting system minimises this risk.

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