About Cleaner Cutting Systems

Delivering concrete cutting tools and solutions that perform a cut above the rest — while reducing workplace hazards and mess.

Our Company

Building on 20 years of expertise in residential, commercial, and infrastructure construction spaces — Cleaner Cutting Systems is a family-owned business with an intense focus on customer service.

Family-owned, we search the globe for unique and innovative systems to manage sawing, dust, fumes, and slurry — allowing us to provide the most effective concrete cutting tools while delivering the pinnacle of worker safety.

With our vast experience in building, renovation, and construction — we fully understand the hard-hitting cost of downtime. Therefore, we take pride in our mobile service that extends across all of Sydney’s suburbs and greater NSW locations.

This enables you to try our products on your own site, without having to waste valuable time visiting a store or showroom.

In short, we work together to find the most suitable solutions for your concrete cutting needs.

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Our Aim

At the core of Cleaner Cutting Systems is our passion to deliver the safest and most eco-friendly brick, masonry, and concrete sawing products — maximizing staff wellbeing, minimizing downtime, and elevating efficiency.

Not only do all our products meet current stringent Australian and international standards in regards to hazardous substances — they surpass them. Our obsession is to address the main four inherent issues to stone construction and demolition:


  • Dust.
  • Fumes.
  • Slurry.
  • Wastewater disposal.

By ensuring the most effective dust minimisation, fume control, slurry reduction, and wastewater treatment — our systems create a much more pleasant working environment while shielding your workers from the dangers of carbon monoxide and silica dust inhalation.

Our Products

From the first cut through to final disposal — our comprehensive cutting system has the tools and materials to optimise productivity and protect you and your staff.

Our cutting range includes the Guarda EdgeSaw — the only saw on the market that removes slurry, dust, and fumes while you cut.

Used in conjunction with our 90-litre reservoir wet vac — wastewater and concrete residue are drawn into the tank for temporary storage and collection, while hazardous fumes are safely vented outside.

Available as a complete kit, this cutting system has the advantages of:

Concrete Cutting Saws

Being environmentally friendly.


All-in-one cutting and waste removal system.


Eliminating silica dust hazards.


Shielding against fume inhalation dangers.


Creating a safe, clean, wastewater-free working area.


Saving downtime — no issues with carbon monoxide fumes choking anybody in the workspace. And, next to zero clean-up, as all materials are deposited into the vac.

At Cleaner Cutting Systems, we understand that your work isn’t complete after the final cut — which is why we offer our unique dewatering range for slurry treatment.

This trio of products eradicates waste by transforming the slurry to water and environmentally friendly landfill material.

It includes:


  • SlurrySep Floc — separates metals, oils, emulsions, and suspended solids from concrete wastewater.
  • SlurryDry SSG — a solidifying agent that transforms liquid waste into a disposable gel.
  • SlurrySafe AR — an acid-free material softener and cleaner for masonry, bricks, tools, and grouting.

Our Ultimate Vision

Maximizing concrete cutting efficiency while ensuring a hazard-free work environment is challenging — but not with our complete sawing, extraction, and disposal system.

Our ultimate vision is to enable all builders, construction workers, plumbers, and masons to enjoy optimum on-site safety while minimizing downtime.

No dust. No fumes. No mess. No choking. No clean-up.

Dust Free Concrete Cutting

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