Wastewater and Concrete Slurry Treatment

Non-Hazardous and Environmentally Friendly

Wastewater and Concrete Slurry Treatment

Wet cutting, sawing, and grinding projects lead to inevitable concrete water waste — our high-performance wastewater and concrete slurry treatment products cut dumping costs, permit environmentally friendly disposal, and increase you and your staff’s safety.

Traditionally, wastewater treatment involved either drying the slurry in pits or drums — a time-heavy process that takes weeks or months — or the abhorrent action of wastewater dumping, carried out by a minority of disreputable contractors.

Suitable for builders, tilers, property-renovators, and masons — any trade that involves concrete/stone water waste — our three slurry management systems include products to deal with each step of the disposal process — legally, safely, and with minimum impact on the ecosystem.

Concrete Wastewater Treatment

SlurrySep Floc – 3 Kg

Separates metals, oils, emulsions, and suspended solids from concrete wastewater.

Minimises waste by separating water from slurry, paint etc., which can be reused in tanks or poured into gardens, lawns etc.

Slurry Solidifier

SlurryDry SSG – 3 Kg

A slurry solidifying agent that transforms liquid waste into a disposable gel that is landfill permissible — -(EPA approved).

Acid Replacement

SlurrySafe AR – 20 litres

An acid-free cleaner for masonry, bricks, pavers, slurry, tools, and grout haze.

Can be used in commercial brick cleaning and concrete cleaning.

SlurrySep Floc

Concrete Wastewater Solutions

Formulated from premium bentonite clay, pH lowering acids, and selective polymers — SlurrySep Floc is a powerful concrete slurry separator that provides rapid and dramatic results. And, non-toxic and non-corrosive — it;s safe for you and the environment.

When you add the powder to concrete wastewater, the bentonite component hydrates — emitting a negative charge. This induces flocculation, causing suspended solids to adhere to the clay — leaving concrete slurry solids on the bottom of the container, and clear water on the top.

You can then remove the surface water for reuse — either by decanting or passing through a dewatering filter bag. Then, treat the residual concrete with SlurryDry SSG.

Utilizing SlurrySep Floc as part of your slurry management process means:


  • Recycling of water for reuse.
  • Fuss-free process.
  • Compliant disposal of waste.
  • Reducing solids drying time.
  • Residual material can be treated with Slurry Dry SSG.
  • Cost-effectiveness — lowering handling, disposal, and collection costs.

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SlurryDry SSG

Solidification Agent

Inorganic, environmentally friendly, and supplied in a convenient powdered crystal format — SlurryDry SSG is a concrete slurry disposal system that transforms wastewater into landfill- acceptable solids.

Ideally utilized after SlurrySep Floc treatment, this super-absorbent medium bonds almost immediately, capable of soaking up 200-300 times its weight in water, while only adding 1-2 per cent in waste volume.

A fuss-free process — add 15 grams of SlurryDry for every litre of slurry and mix — this slurry management procedure is non-hazardous for your employees, lowers disposal and transportation costs, and will not harm the environment.

Choosing to use SlurryDry for your slurry water disposal has the benefits of:

  • Acceptable for landfill — surpassing the Paint Filter Liquid Test (PFLT).
  • Quick-drying, reducing processing time.
  • Allowing slurry wastewater to be bagged for straightforward disposal.
  • Assisting waste to pass Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure (1311).
  • Containing no harmful or corrosive chemicals — safe for your staff.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Cuts processing and handling costs.
  • Works as the ideal companion to SlurrySep Floc.
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SlurrySafe AR

Acid Replacement

Free from VOCs and the associated dangers of traditional hydrochloric acid treatments — SlurrySafe AR is a safe and eco-friendly acid replacement solution that’s 100 per cent biodegradable.

Elevating the safety of you and your staff — as it has no skin-corrosive properties — Slurry Safe AR offers fuss-free handling, storage, and transportation. And, while tough on alkaline residues, it will not damage pumps, pipes, or joint connectors and is suitable for use on the majority of metal surfaces.

With multi-purpose on-site functionality — acting as a concrete cleaner, remover, softener, and etcher — it can be diluted to achieve the perfect concentration for your target material. Furthermore, with a storage life of over one year, it’s a cost-effective solution to the issue of high pH residues.

Biodegradable Concrete Cleaner

Our SlurrySafe AR can be utilized for the following applications:

  • Biodegradable concrete cleaner — with no harmful VOCs or corrosive properties.
  • Paint wastewater separator.
  • Descaler and pH minimizer.
  • Grout cleaner.
  • Grinding aid to soften concrete.
  • Clean rust and oil marks on concrete.
  • Equipment cleaner.
  • Brick cleaner.
  • Concrete etcher.
  • Non-carcinogenic weed killer.

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