How It Works — Efficient, Clean, and Safe

From the initial cuts through to final disposal, our unique concrete cutting system removes fumes, dust, and waste — increasing your productivity and elevating staff wellbeing.

Step 1 — Cutting

Guarda Edge Power Cutter

Whether you are cutting concrete, cutting stone, or cutting bricks, you require a reliable, powerful, and durable edgesaw.

At Cleaner Cutting Systems, we searched globally for a wet concrete saw that offered the ultimate in worker safety and high-performance — characteristics exemplified by the Guarda Edge Power Cutter, the only saw worldwide that removes dust and fumes while you work.

Petrol-driven, yet pleasingly lightweight, its 15-inch blade cuts to a depth of 150 mm. During the cutting process, water is delivered to the centre of the blade, minimizing spray-back, where the rotation forces H20 to the cutting edge. The resulting slurry is pushed into the blade guard throat — safely removed by vacuum suction.

Guarda Edge Power Cutter

Concrete Cutting Without Dust, Slurry or Exhaust Fumes

Step 2 — Hazard Removal

Wet Vacuum

With a passion to create a safe and clean working space for all construction and demolition tradespersons — whether sole traders or large-scale contractors — we offer two comprehensive options for hazard removal.

If you’re an individual builder, plumber, concreter, or stone cutter — you need our wet vacuum. Connecting to the Guarda EdgeSaw — available as a complete kit — this electric-driven powerhouse removes silica dust, slurry, and fumes while you cut. Thus delivering you with a mess-free operational area, no clean-up requirements, allowing for convenient disposal, and heightening staff wellbeing.

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Utilizing 2 x 1000-watt motors, cutting waste by-products are pulled into the 90-litre reservoir — slurry and dust being stored in the tank for temporary storage and the gas separated and vented outside through the 50 mm Guarda Exhaust hose.

Vacuum Generator Kit

Vacuum Generator Kit

For larger-scale contractors involved in civil works, we offer the EdgeSaw and Vacuum Generator Kit.

Perfect for sites where access to mains power is impossible — the petrol-driven vacuum generator saves space and transportation challenges by incorporating both machines into one single unit.

The vacuum draws undesirable contaminants away from your working area and into a freestanding, wheel-mounted slurry separator. Here, the wastewater and masonry residue are stored in a 90-litre reservoir, while toxic fumes are safely dispersed outside.

Electric EdgeSaw Wet Vacuum Kit

EdgeSaw Vacuum Generator Kit

Both the builder-focused vacuum system and the civil works vacuum generator kit remove 100 per cent of unwanted fumes, and 99 per cent of dust and slurry waste. Meaning your working location remains free of hazardous water and airborne contaminants. And, with no post-project clean-up demands — your downtime is reduced, lowering operational costs.

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Step 3 — Waste Treatment

With the fumes already vented outside — the only remaining stage is to prepare your stored slurry waste for safe, legal, and efficient disposal. Our three dewatering products provide you with a straightforward post-project slurry system, with no environmentally harmful or skin-corrosive properties:

SurrySep Floc

Utilizing bentonite clay, SlurrySep Floc separates slurry waste into solids and clean water.

Concrete Wastewater Treatment

Watch a Demo

Disposing of slurry waste water from a tile table saw using SlurrySep Floc and SlurryDry.

SlurryDry SSG

Used after SlurrySep treatment or on its own, our solidification agent transforms your slurry into a landfill-acceptable solid gel.

SlurrySafe AR

Our acid replacement treatment softens material, cleans masonry, bricks, tools, and grouting from alkaline residues.

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Benefits of Our Complete Concrete Cutting System


Complete system — from cutting to disposal.


Enhances staff wellbeing — no silica dust or carbon monoxide fumes.


Saves money — no clean-up, no downtime.


Elevates worker comfort — water and dust-free.


Ensures compliance with job conditions.


Instills best practice business and site solutions.


Heightens productivity — no waiting for dust to settle, there’s none!


EdgeSaw and Wet Vacuum available as a complete kit.


Non-hazardous slurry waste treatment.


EdgeSaw and Vac Generator available as a complete kit.


Mobile service — we come to you, saving downtime.

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