Guarda Exhaust Wet Vacuum

Removing slurry, silica dust, and fumes, our wet vacuum eliminates concrete cutting hazards — enabling a mess-free working area, convenient disposal, and elevating staff safety.

Wet Vac Overview

Wet-cutting concrete inevitably results in the creation of water slurry, airborne dust, and fumes. Not only can these contaminants damage surrounding surfaces in your working environment, but they can also be damaging to you and your team’s health.

Our powerful wet vacuum cleaner, driven by a duo of 1000-watt motors, draws these waste products from your sawing area — shielding you and your staff from harm and providing convenient temporary storage of heavy materials (slurry, wastewater etc.).

Connecting directly to your compatible power cutter — such as the Guarda Edge Saw — via a vacuum hose, our best wet vacuum cleaner performs through a three-stage process.

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1. Waste Removal

Acting as a slurry vacuum, concrete dust extractor, and fume remover — 250 mbars of suction draw wastewater, masonry particles, and gases into the durable HDPE (high-density polyethylene) tank.

Wheel-mounted and with a robust hadle, this reservoir is conveniently portable, permitting fuss-free relocation on your working site — while substantial buttons permit fuss-free operation, even with gloved hands.

2. Separation and Collection

As these waste materials enter the tank, separation occurs.

Functioning as an effective fume removal tool, dangerous and unwanted gases are routed to the unit head, while slurry water and dust particles are safely stored in the generous 90-litre reservoir.

3. Fume Expulsion

Once in the unit head, the motor drives the toxic fumes through an exhaust port and into the Guarda 50 mm (two-inch) hose — enabling the gases to be safely expelled outside up to 60 metres away into a well-ventilated area.

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Health Benefits of Our Slurry, Fume, and Silica Dust Vacuum

Silica Dust Vacuum

Leading fume removal — protecting against carbon monoxide inhalation.


Extracts particles that can irritate lungs and eyes.


Lowers the risk of blade clogging — ensuring safe operation.


Acting as a vacuum slurry wastewater remover — it promotes a safer and drier working environment.


Removes silica dust that can cause cancer and silicosis.


Lower noise pollution.


Shields against dangers inherent with indoor concrete cutting.


Reservoir storage allows for slurry treatment with eco-friendly dewatering products.

Why Choose Our Slurry, Fume, and Concrete Dust Vacuum?

Traditionally, wet concrete cutting has two distinct advantages — the addition of water helps to keep the sawing blade cool, while trapping concrete dust residue by forming slurry.

However, while these benefits are shared across most of the leading machines on the market — they also cause two inherent disadvantages.

Firstly, the resulting slurry can accumulate in the guard, impairing the function of the cutting head and elevating temperatures. Secondly, not only can the wastewater sludge redistribute particles as the blade spins, but also the H20 can only trap a limited amount of airborne contaminants.

Our concrete cutting system is different. 

Utilizing our wet exhaust vacuum in combination with the Guarda Power Edge — available together as a complete system — ensures that the maximum volume of liquid, solid, and gaseous contaminants are removed from your working area.

The powerful suction draws away wastewater slurry from the head guard, pulls in airborne toxic dust hazards, and removes dangerous toxic fumes all in one motion. Allowing you and your team to operate in a safe environment — while delivering satisfying peace of mind.

Features and Benefits of Our Dust, Fume, and Slurry Extractor


Safety first — removes dust, fumes, and slurry.


Only needs a 10 amp power supply.


Keeps your working area, walls, and floors free from hazardous water.


Ideal tool for indoor or confined space cutting projects.


Dry wet vac — wet power cutting and also a standard dry vacuum.


Four-wheeled for convenient transportation.


Robust handle permits effortless transportation.


Protected operation buttons — ideal for use with wet and gloved hands.


Durable HDPE reservoir.


Allows you to meet workplace health and safety regulations.


Fume and dust/slurry separator.


Permits a hose length of up to 60 metres (200 feet) — allowing the vacuum to remain close to your working area.


Ideal for use with the Guarda Edge Saw.

Specifications of Our Dust, Fume and Slurry Extractor

  • Reservoir tank capacity: 90 litre
  • Power: 2 x 1000 watt motors
  • Amperage: 10 amp
  • Airflow: 160 litres per second
  • Vacuum suction: 250 mbar
  • Dimensions: 680 mm x 600 mm x 140 mm
  • Weight: 34 kg
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